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Are you in need of therapy? As a counseling and sport psychologist, I am here to help! For more information on scheduling a Zoom Teleconsult with me, kindly click on the schedule a session today button below.

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To submit a presenting concern or problem, you can email me at I’ll get to as many of them as my time would allow. Each month, one (1) email will be featured in the newsletter.

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Branching out from my official website,  the focus of The Monthly Advice Newsletter ( is to provide a platform for those who are dealing with a mental health concern and may not have access to a licensed psychologist or counselor. The newsletter also allows those who are unfamiliar or apprehensive with the therapeutic process to take a closer look (from a safe distance) and see if it is a good fit for them.

It is my hope that as the reach of this newsletter grows, it will help even more people.

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The Monthly Advice Newsletter will initially touch on the subject of Mental Health (More diverse topics to follow!). If my writing appeals to you—do consider subscribing.

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Tedi Villasor, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist. Storyteller. Indie Publisher. Writer of Lindol, OBIsessions, and Mga Panaginip.